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Laurel Stutsmanís signature gardens are bursts of seasonal color, textural bloom and graphic form, resulting in dynamic outdoor spaces that are continually evolving. Formerly a theater designer trained at Brandeis and Rhode Island School of Design, Stutsmanís immersion into art and staging give her a unique perspective on the landscape design process.

Stutsman celebrates the indoor/outdoor lifestyle favorable to Southern California living; her gardens are comprised of strategic hardscape elements and judicious lighting integrated with a diverse palette of California native plants and Australian and Mediterranean drought tolerant flora. Sculptural succulents are emphasized in these sustainable and maintenance free designs. Restrained water features are central to her landscapes, be it a simple overflowing pot, a delicate fountain or a tranquil fish pond.

This contemporary vision is reflected in both rural and urban projects. Whether the undertaking is a multi-acre estate or a contained kitchen garden, Stutsman creates spaces focused on serenity and reflection, custom tailored to each client.

Stutsman has lived in Malibu since 1998 with her husband and two daughters. She has been featured in a number of magazine and newspaper publications.

California Homes Magazine, October 2007
"Cottages in the Sun" by Margaret Bach

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